First EC Collaboration workshop

Today @JohannesEmmerling and I met with around 15 European projects working across energy and climate. We identified a number of potential points of collaboration, and functions that the forum could provide for the projects:

  • Publicising, using and providing a home for databases of EU and member state policies
  • helping projects reach stakeholders, particularly at the higher levels of the comissions
  • help focus work on a shared standard for model documentation
  • help reach stakeholders at public administrations (e.g. member state level); exchange best practice on stakeholder engagement
  • facilitate discussion on a shared scenario protocol for model comparison, model diagnostics etc.

We did not get the chance to discuss some of the infrastructure and tools we’re developing within the project, including the visualisation tools, and links to the IIASA scenario database, the latest updates to the scenario database, our work on the OpenEntrance nomenclature, data standards and so on.

Similarly, I think there’s more to be discussed on the science-policy interface function of the project, and how we can assist the other projects in disseminating their results at the EC and member state level, and work better together on stakeholder workshops.