Scenario explorer license

Hi @huppmann,
I was wondering under what license the data in the scenario explorer is?
I think I read about it at some point, but since I couldn’t find information on it here I thought it doesn’t harm to ask :slight_smile:

Each Scenario Explorer instance has its own license, usually either CC-BY or a modification of that which was the result of an IAMC Steering Committee decision (applying to those instances that IIASA hosts on behalf of the community, e.g., IPCC AR6).

Each Scenario Explorer instance has a “license” page with the relevant information, see the menu in the top-right corner. We are also working on a new RestAPI that will allow to retrieve the license information and other metadata directly.

So far, all data within a Scenario Explorer is always covered by the same license, but we will probably soon have use cases where parts of the data within a project (i.e., one Scenario Explorer instance) will be released under distinct licenses. We still have to devise a strategy for making this easily understandable for an average user.